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Want to Maximize your Metabolic Rate and Boost your Exercise Progress, while Eating Healthy?


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We believe that every individual can achieve greatness and equally deserves the same chance for a healthier and happier lifestyle, and we work really hard to provide action-based and objective proper course of action that meets specific health and fitness needs.

What Trendiko is all About?


Trendiko is informative nutrition and fitness resource that covers trending and evergreen content supported by scientific research. Our true passion is to support our readers to share their successfully fulfilled nutritious disease-free life and promote their personal fitness.

Our goal is to provide solutions on conflicted fitness and health tips and advice based on default choices, limited only to personal experience and opinions, by implementing extensive scientific data, facts and expertise.

Answers that help and empower people to make informed decisions about their diet, fitness, body and mind.

What is the benefit of following Trendiko?

Access to unbiased, objective, transparent and authentic content, build upon a scientific literature, certainty and substantial research process, that provides actionable and practical tips and strategies.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a community with a team of experts in exercise and nutritional science and fitness and nutrition enthusiasts with a vast range of experience that contribute to the site where we help each other to build awareness, fight anxiety, push the motivational button and get results.

Place where we proudly stand behind each statement and advice, and our work goes through a detailed fact-checking process, where at least three people are involved in the transparency of the sources and correctness of the factual statements, including consulting with experts when we stumble on conflicting data or questionable content.

We aim to over deliver when we can and avoid statements based on opinion or personal belief, however, we are humans and we do make mistakes, but we do take them very seriously. We like to think of Trendiko as work in progress, site that always can be improved and we can always make it better.

That motivates us to work harder and never be satisfied. In the same time it makes things challenging for our entire team, but we enjoy the challenge every second as long as the information presented is valuable and helpful to our followers.

Please keep in mind that the information contained on Trendiko is not intended to replace recommendations or advice from healthcare providers or as a substitute for professional advice of any kind. Rather, it is intended for informational, educational and entertainment purposes only.

Meet Our Team

About Nick

Nick Donovan Trendiko


Nick is nutrition enthusiast currently pursuing his personal fitness trainer certificate, his obsession is to find ways to make healthy eating and proper exercise a habit in everyone’s life. Since age of 16 he has been an active volunteer at nursing homes and animal rescue shelters. Huge fan of Lethal Weapon movie series. His favorite quote: “That’s a real badge. I’m a real cop. And this is a real gun.” – Martin Riggs. Call him old-fashioned guy that prefers unconventional training exercises and tools.


In his own words:

Over a decade I have been jumping from one diet and meal plan to another, following different workout programs and training regimes.

And I’ve tried them all – Paleo, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Atkins, and what not.

Starting with low fat, low protein, high carbs – where you focus on vegetarian style of eating and low GI foods, this is where I did experience decent muscle loss but I was feeling healthy and better overall, however maintaining muscle mass with this diet was hard.

Then shifting towards low carbs, low fat, high protein diet – where I lost weight extremely fast, but I experienced muscle loss, bad mood and form.

Then I tried high fat, moderate protein, low carbs diet – where you almost never feel hungry because the blood sugar spikes aren’t there, and while it might be a good choice for losing weight it’s definitely not so good for growing, strength and size due to lack of energy and glucose.

I also added all sorts of pre and post workout supplements, depending on the program or going all natural.

The results? Almost the same. Not achieving what I was “promised”.

And guess what? I wasn’t alone.

So you probably wondering what changed?

I changed.

I decided to go back to the good ol‘ fashioned Science.

Since that day I spend less time reading what other blogs or so-called “fitness experts” have to say, and I focus more on what the scientists are saying.

Don’t get me wrong. There are still super cool guys and gals that I like and follow on the web. But the list is getting shorter.

About Emma


Loves to write about Nutrition Science backed up by scientific Research. Encouraging people to lead healthy lifestyle. Emma has had an interest in science from a young age spending her time mostly watching health safety and environment documentaries. Her nutrition obsession and meal planning reached its peak when she started working in the food industry. She had read hundreds of books on food science, nutrition, motivation to exercise, productivity, positive thinking and self-help. Proud mother of two dwarfs.


In her own words:

Getting my college degree and having access to all the scientific resources forced me to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, examining evidence, analyzing assumptions and biases, and distinguish evidence-based, research-based, science-based and opinion-based statements.

Which one should you follow:

An athlete that developed such a strong physics and have a product to sell, based on his personal belief and experience?

Fitness and health advice from a retailer from the supplement industry where the ingredients, and the dosage aren’t fully disclosed?

The scientist with years of field experience under their belt with accurate and credible nutrition information, but not a single workout in the gym?

I wish I could give you an easy answer.

Here’s my take on it:

Each has its place, and we can’t ignore or eliminate one or the another, but the base should be the same – scientific literature from randomized controlled trials.

Here’s why:

Correlation doesn’t imply causation.

Scientific evidence is based on that – correlation of variables where the scientists themselves put strong emphasis that the correlation we found doesn’t mean causation.

However, authors and writers all around the globe would just pick one scientific study, make the assumptions right of the bat, drop a statement such as “eat this not that” and call it a day.

(There I said it)

This is where I like to do things differently and double check each fact and statement, before I make an educated guess.

One thing that made me question everything is the time I spent as an editor for a well known brand in the health industry. I spent valuable hours of doing professional research and editing, fact checking, and I had premium access to hundreds of scientific studies on a single subject.

Here’s a joke I found on reddit that I like to use quite often:

If you double check twice, is it a triple check or a quadruple check?

Call me a perfectionist and a science geek.

About Riley

Riley’s job is to make sure that this line you are reading looks good on your mobile or desktop device. He is Trendiko’s Gatekeeper. He monitors the health of our website and the safety of our visitors, trying to provide great user experience and to make sure that everything works smooth and according to the rules and the best digital age practices. He’s always on a quest for cool tech gear. In his spare time he likes to hang out in his garage gym working on his grip strength so he can code on the keyboard like a pro. His hobby is plane spotting and FPV drone racing. Proud owner of two, fit and sweet dogs, a true natural athletes.

In his own words:

Given my line of work, sitting at my desk all day, health issues start to kick in. Here’s a great solution that worked for me: #1 Surround yourself with fitness fanatics and like-minded people, and #2 Start an outdoors hobby that forces you do get out of your comfort zone.

I have to admit I really love my job and I enjoy what I’m doing, but without having a life-work balance I found that each task became heavier and heavier, and I would ended up working on a single bug for days, instead to fix the problem in (probably) a few hours.

Productivity at its worst.

While most of my friends were lifting weights and watching footbal I was spending my time hanging on forums, playing video games and all the geek stuff you can imagine.

Just another nerd using his nerdiness as an excuse to eat junk food and work on his biceps while hitting the mouse button as hard as he can.

And when the SHTF (as preppers people would like to call it), I would have become this webmaster superhero, a true JEDI:

True story.

Here’s the thing:

Being a part of this community helped me build that mindset to treat my body with more respect and for the first time in my life doing something I never thought I would – start counting calories.

I’m still a nerd, but a shredded nerd.

 Alright, so what makes Trendiko so special?


Nothing, we are just brutally honest and transparent.

We have an obsession and we read tons of books, scientific studies, use our bodies as an experiment to get proven results, and share that with you.

We put a lot of emphasis on healthy eating, and actionable strategies that you can implement today.

No worries, we’ll take the pressure off and share exclusive and practical scientific literature takeaways.

What’s the deal with the “backed up by science” kind of Blog, ain’t everybody doing that?

Did you know that many writers out there are citing scientific studies that don’t even understand?

Either the study has been made with like 12 participants or it applies under a certain type of circumstances, or that study has been debunked many times.

What I’m trying to say is just cos someone is linking out to National Center for Biotechnology Information doesn’t mean he knows what he’s talking about.

Let me give you an example:
While this looks like a great study and a plan to follow, there is a HUGE catch.

Low carb diet can cause muscle breakdown, lack of energy, which directly decreases your workout performance, which leads to less strength, bad form and can even cause an injury.

This has happened to me over and over again. No matter what I do every single time my body suffers.

Don’t get me wrong low carb diet has its place, and I have nothing against it. But that’s usually a short-term strategy and again it depends on – What do you want to achieve?

Gain muscle? Boost your energy levels? Lose weight?

If your goal is just to lose weight (but also experience a muscle breakdown) sure you can do that. Go on a six months low carb diet. Lose all your muscles, feel weak and lethargic.

Exactly! Nobody wants that.

It’s a big no-no!

That being said, the blog is where we share the exact steps we took, what works and what doesn’t. What food you should take or avoid and what type of supplements you might consider adding to your shelf.

And finally – How to Live a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle!


We are always on a lookout to hire talented open-minded team members and we have a strong belief in diversity and inclusion. As part of our commitment we promote fairness growth and encouragement, respect and consideration, open discussions and collaboration, and support for everyone, regardless of age, gender and race.

In life we all face important decisions to make or challenges to take on,  and here at Trendiko we always strive and have attitude to say YES to new opportunities and improvement both on the professional and personal level.

Our focus is on physical and mental health success and forward thinking where individuals come together for a genuine commitment to achieve and promote friendly and stress-free life, accomplish team and personal goals and objectives, and to feel valued and cared about.

Our Mission

Fitness and Training:

Trendiko aims to be one of the few dedicated WOD and unconventional fitness training sources. This includes exercises to improve functional training and aerobic conditioning, balance and core stabilization, increase speed and power, maintaining and building strength and endurance and adding dynamic to your workouts.

From time to time we’ll also cover news-worthy events and campaigns, scientific developments, volunteerism culture, and products and tools that can help you get results and achieve your fitness goals.

Nutrition and Health:

We deploy independent expert professional research and we work with contributors with varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that provide expert insight and practical and educational recommendations on nutritional science.

Our goal is to exceed our reader’s expectation while navigate through the healthy diet challenges, by offering in-depth and evidence-based nutritional content and information, scientific data, and easy to follow diet plans with significant long-term health benefits by eating right and treating our bodies with respect.