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The Best 5 Slam Balls For Powerful Full Body Workout

Weighted training balls come in different sizes and weights but they all have one thing in common, they are designed for extreme and explosive training.  Most popular among them is the traditional Medicine Ball. Yet, in the more recent years new balls seem to pop up all the time, left and right. Now we have […] Read More

Do Blueberries Make You Poop & Fart? – Berries And Colorful Stool Explained

You poop, I poop…everyone does it. It doesn’t smell nice, it doesn’t look good, and most certainly it doesn’t sound fun. But hey it’s natural… I bet you felt many times the urge for a sudden bowel movement, and you are like “Wooah what happened there?” Well… often it’s just related to specific foods that […] Read More

How to Fix Broken Metabolism (Hit the Reset Button and Get Back On Track)

If you have ever struggled with losing weight, you have probably heard about speeding up your metabolism, the dangers of slowing it down, and finally damaging or breaking your metabolism. This information might be confusing and overwhelming. All you want to do is lose some weight but what if you are hurting yourself instead? Is […] Read More

Natural Remedies For Sciatica – Correct Your Body’s Alignment

Sciatica is a general term for pain which occurs due to pressure placed upon the sciatic nerve, which is responsible for the movement of the legs and feet. Due to this, most common sciatic pain is felt as a shooting pain down the legs, sometimes to the feet, and at other times can be focused […] Read More

Are Detox Diets Healthy And Safe? Do They Work?

The human body is naturally programmed for daily detox, but this is strongly related to proper nutrition, which will provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. The liver has natural cleansing mechanisms which are more efficient, safer and smoother of any detox program. Consuming fresh, whole foods and a balanced diet will provide the […] Read More

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