Red Foods Health Benefits: 26 Red Fruits & Veggies To Add To Your Plate

All red fruits and vegetables contain a high content of various antioxidants which are essential for neutralizing the free radicals. The free radicals are unstable molecules that cause damage to cellular structures. The cell damage can be cause for cancer, heart disease, and many other chronic diseases. By eating a vast variety of the red […] Read More

25 CrossFit Gym Bag Essentials (What’s In My WOD Gear Bag?)

CrossFit Gym Bag WOD (source) CrossFit is a tough fitness regimen that will make you stronger and faster. It can be intimidating to step into a class or competition for the first time. You can relieve some anxiety by being prepared for any situation in the box (that’s the fancy name for a CrossFit gym). […] Read More

Do Blueberries Make You Poop & Fart? – Berries And Colorful Stool Explained

You poop, I poop…everyone does it. It doesn’t smell nice, it doesn’t look good, and most certainly it doesn’t sound fun. But hey it’s natural… I bet you felt many times the urge for a sudden bowel movement, and you are like “Wooah what happened there?” Well… often it’s just related to specific foods that […] Read More

How to Fix Broken Metabolism (Hit the Reset Button and Get Back On Track)

If you have ever struggled with losing weight, you have probably heard about speeding up your metabolism, the dangers of slowing it down, and finally damaging or breaking your metabolism. This information might be confusing and overwhelming. All you want to do is lose some weight but what if you are hurting yourself instead? Is […] Read More

Health Benefits of Guinep Fruit – Jamaican Favorite (Quenepa)

Remember the movie Cool Runnings and the famous theme song: “nuff people say they know they can’t believe, Jamaica we have a bobsled team”? I know I do. That movie is one of my all time favorites, period. Guinep is popular favorite fruity snack in Jamaica, and hopefully the reason behind the Jamaica’s bobsled team […] Read More

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